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Have you seen the movie War Room?

It is an incredible movie about prayer and the power of prayer.

It has an incredible lesson about stepping out in faith even when your next step looks like you're going to hit a brick🧱wall.

The biggest thing I took from the movie when I watched it was the NEED to actually physically, tangibly create my own war room.

I had had the thought before but I honestly didn't take off with it until I reached the battle that I'm currently going through.

While I haven't openly shared this battle yet, it is a huge one and on many sides it seems insurmountable.

I wish that I would have had my War Room already in place or at least in parts, before this battle struck.

However, as I got myself together and picked myself back up off the ground after the first week that this battle struck, I intentionally began working night and day on my war room.

What is a war room?

A war room is a place that some people call A Prayer Closet. It takes the "prayer closet concept" up a couple notches.

The idea of the War Room is that it is a place to prepare for war and a place to regroup yourself as you are going through War. It is a place of battle strategy and it is a place of designated focus.

We have so many distractions around us. To have a place that is quiet with no distractions is a much needed, remarkable sanctuary.

In your War Room, you should have scripture handy.

For me, that meant writing it out and putting it on the wall.

  • I chose my husband's and my walk-in closet.

  • I began by moving things out of the way and creating a space where I would feel comfortable.

  • I began writing scripture onto paper and post-it notes.

  • I made sure that it was easy to read from at least a couple feet away, using permanent marker and brightly colored sticky notes.

  • I used tape to tape up pieces of paper where I had written down prayers specifically regarding the battle. Because I found out that, during week one and two of this battle, and even now, there were many times I found myself speechless and sometimes I had cried so much it seemed I had ran out of tears. I found myself laying curled up in a ball and not knowing what to say or pray or being too tired to even open my mouth.

  • Having everything written out already and adding to it as I went, made it easier for me to focus when my vision was blurred with tears or fear or exhaustion.

(Remember: I promised to be real in this blog. There's enough fakeness around us. Lifting your foot and pretending to take a step for an audience doesn't actually move you forward. I'm always going to be real here. And, FACT: battle is messy.)

  • Your War Room should first of all, be a safe place. It should be a place where you can get comfortable and spend time with God without distractions and without noises.

The first rule I had regarding my War Room was that my children were not allowed to bother me if I was in there unless it was an emergency.

I have pillows and a blanket in my War Room because, when I spend time there, I don't often have a time limit and I do physically want to be comfortable so that the aches and pains of work and my day don't distract me while I'm in there.

  • Secondly, you should prepare your War Room. Add scripture to the walls. Write out prayers on pieces of paper and take them up to your wall. Make it focused and do this all with importance. Make solid points and don't be frivolous in your writing. This is a strong place, this War Room. And what you write must be strengthening and focused and determined.

  • If you're going through a battle there are so many times you're going to already feel weak and powerless. Unsure and scared. Your war room should be a place that you go to collect yourself and refocus. That means it needs to be a place that you can draw some power from and be reminded of Whose power you're drawing from.

  • Thirdly, keep it updated. Besides just focusing on the battle ahead of me I also have a prayer list for so many people in my life. And it's not just my friends but also those who have attacked me or are out to attack me. This keeps my focus on many places besides the battle. I have sticky notes that simply say trust or peace. These are tangible things that I can put my hands on, laying my hand on the wall over this post-it note, telling myself to trust. Telling myself to believe. And not give up.

  • Lastly, your War Room should be an active place. It should be a place you visit regularly. It should be a place that you run to in the midst of your battle when it feels overwhelming. It should be a place that you keep updated with scriptures that God has given you throughout your week. Reach out to your friends and update your prayer list as their needs change.

  • Let it'd be an active place.

  • Let it also be a place of rest. If you are fighting a battle, even when you put your trust in the Lord, the attacks on you create a weariness and a heaviness and often times sadness along with many other feelings and possibly even physical effects.

  • Go to your War Room and allow it to be a place of stillness, focus, peace, rest, strength, and determined recharge.

Let your War Room be your Psalm 23.

(A picture from the top section of my War Room.)

One of my friends keeps a small spiral notebook of scripture and things that have strengthened her. This is like a war room travel bag. 😆 And it's also a great place to start.

There are lots of ways to begin your War Room.

Eventually, find a place that you can physically go to.

Let it be intentional.

But you can always start with a small spiral notebook.

Seeing my friend with that was deeply encouraging and I can't tell you how many times she's flipped open her notebook and shared something that I desperately needed to hear. There are lots of ways to remind yourself - and others - of where your help comes from.

Blessings as you begin,

Or as you carry on!

Sarah Jane

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I too have my version of a War Room! Thank you for sharing how you put yours together as it gave me a few new ideas 😀 keeping it updated seems to be the most difficult part for me, tho I do keep a running list of stickies with answered prayers! Someday I hope to have an actual room totally devoted to this but for now a bulletin board will have to suffice. ❤️


Thank you. Yes - definitely I struggle with keeping it updated too. Having things written out already and keeping it consistent to "where I'm at" or "in the now" helps me with my focus. 🧐

Sometimes, during my day, I will hear something preached (I listen to a lot of preaching while driving)

and I'll make a note of it.

Then, when I'm in my War Room next, it's nothing to dig that note out and add it to my wall. 🔨

Sometimes it replaces something.

Sometimes, it just adds to the collaboration of tools.

🗒️ I keep sticky notes almost everywhere: purse, dining room table, kitchen, basement.

I need something that quickly. I don't trust myself to remember it…

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