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Each morning when you rise up, you have a day full of choices ahead of you.

You may not be in control of a lot of things (including the behavior and words of others) but you are in control of how you think, act, what you say and how you live each day.

It is a responsibility to carry a cross embossed with the title "Christian" or Christ-follower. Wow! What a responsibility!

Those who call themselves Christians, but spew hate with their words or actions are not displaying Christ and the love of Christ. And, unfortunately, if they are in a place of leadership where they represent the Church, they are shamefully displaying the hypocritical behavior that turns so many away from the Church body and the gospel. It happens, unfortunately, all the time.

The world is falling to pieces - are you carrying a hammer and helping to shatter it? Or are you pushing forward with a light to brighten the path of others, warm the cold places of the world, and help the hurting?

If you have been given the gift

of waking up and breathing today

~ choose to use it well ~

If you have a problem using that gift well,

then get on your knees,

repent of your selfishness and pride,

and get with Jesus' program

before you scribble the title "Christian"

on your FB page, car bumper & t-shirt.

That is the truth of things. Our days are limited and we don't know the number of them. Our time is so very short in this world. How are you leaving a mark?

You are limited but God is not.

He can use all of you

if you will hold nothing back.

You can build up

or you can tear down.

You can help or you can hurt.

One of my favorite songs is "Give me Jesus".

The words are significantly simple -

"In the morning, when I rise, give me Jesus."

"Give me Jesus. You can have all this world - give me Jesus."

I pray that's where my heart's set and my mindset is each morning when I rise.

Are we giving each new day right back to God and saying,

"You are What I need to make it through this day. In fact, I don't want to step into this day without You. I know that I can't do this without You. I need You - from the moment I rise to my laying down. Give me Jesus."

If you set an alarm on your phone to wake to in the morning, label it "Praise God" or "This day is HIS"...

It might sound cheesy but we need all the help we can give ourselves

because our "default" is "self" - not Christ and not others.

Find something to put on your alarm at the very beginning of your day that will remind you that you will be held accountable for every word that you speak or write or think this day.

You will be held accountable for the love you could have shown but didn't.

You will be held accountable for carrying around unforgiveness.

We will all be held accountable.

Christ died for you. Show some gratitude by living for Him.

After you set your morning alarm to remind you where to put your focus, set other alarms throughout your day that remind you:

  • "Be thankful"

  • "He died for me. I live for Him."

  • "Love always."

  • "My life is His."

  • "Made with purpose - for a purpose."

We weren't worth dying for,

but He is worth living for.

Please pray with me,

"God, thank You for this new day. Thank You for not only waking me up, but for keeping me through this day. I call myself a Christian - help me to display it first without having to say it first. Let me be a Word of hope, putting myself aside and living for You - loving others and bringing honor to You. Thank You for Your Word as my instruction manual and thank You for Your patience. You never asked me to be perfect, but You did ask me to lay myself aside and put You first because You are perfect - so that I might be a witness not a hinderance. Lord, I want to please You. Thank You for loving me and sending Your Son to die for me. My life is Yours. Forgive me when I fail to show love and forgive me when I stubbornly want to do things my way and not Yours. Thank You for each breath You give me. I love You, Lord. Amen."


Sarah Jane

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It’s shameful the number of people who call themselves Christians yet their words and actions show animosity and hate towards others. This is the very reason I have 3 sons who refuse to be labeled as such and have chosen not to follow God.


Thank you, Annette. Yes, it has been hard to continue to teach my children the message of Christ and preach forgiveness in such a hateful world. They see people of the church, in leadership even, fail them and I have to remind them that these people are just people. They fail. God does not.

There are times when I find myself struggling due to the hypocrisy of people who call themselves Christians but do not live a life producing any of the fruits we would hope to see. But, again, people fail. God does not. But, wow, it is hard to not just keep my own focus at times but also to lead my children in spite of the church…

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