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Psalm 30:1-5

Lord, thank You for a new day.

We know that each day is a gift from You and each day belongs to You.

Help us to step into this day knowing that You are in charge and trusting in that.

Help us to relinquish what we cannot control so that we can more easily rest in the peace that only You can give.

Your creation and Your glory are beautiful, constantly surrounding us. Despite the hardships of this life and the things that we don't understand, help us to never lose sight of how big You are.


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1 Comment

Chris Yokley
Chris Yokley
Jan 07

Amen! Father we look forward to each day that you have prepared for us, the beauty, The awesomeness, in your creations, the splender and the marvel! Thank you father as we draw closer to you and see all of this in each other, we understand why you the creator are true love.

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