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2 Kings 4:1-7 (my version)

One day, a scared, heartbroken, grief-stricken single mother came (I imagine she ran, actually) in search for Godly advice from someone she knew obeyed and lived for the Lord - Elisha.

Her husband, who had once served the Lord diligently, was gone. And debtors were after her and her children.

She had tried to make do with what she had but, eventually, it had dwindled away.

Elisha, upon hearing her cries for help, asked her a question:

"What do you have in your house?"

The single mother had to think he was not hearing her for a minute, as she paused and ransacked her mind - mentally going through her house, corner by corner - trying to think of anything she could offer up as an answer.

Like most of us, she began to answer before she finished thinking.

"I have nothing there at all..."

"....except a small jar of olive oil...."

Elisha might have quietly smiled, with a tranquil look on his face, as he then gave this panicked woman some instructions:

  • GO.

  • GO borrow some EMPTY jars

  • Get MORE THAN a few (a.k.a. - don't put your own limits on what God can or will do)

  • After you gather the jars, take them inside and SHUT THE DOOR BEHIND YOU and your sons.

  • POUR OUT the little you have.

  • POUR oil into each of the jars

  • As each is FILLED --- get another


She, as well as her children, did this. They gathered together what was empty. They took the little they had --- something so small - in her mind - that she had initially dismissed it as not being beneficial at all.

She poured out what she had.

And it didn't stop flowing until there was literally nowhere left to contain it.

She went (again, I imagine she ran) and told Elisha what God had done. Possibly still dumbfounded and beside herself, as we generally are, when God overwhelms us with His care, provision and blessings.

Elisha told her to go not only pay off her debts but also to take what was left and live off the blessing.

Some things I get from this:

*When you can't think straight and are overwhelmed by worry and panic (yes - even though the Bible says not to worry... we do it anyway), seek advice or prayer or help from someone who is at peace enough to hear God if He chooses to answer in a still, small voice (because - truth - if you're in a panicked or emotional moment, you aren't being still and you're probably not listening very well).

*You have something of value. You do. You might not see it right away, but you do. And God WILL ask you to use it.

*This woman had to be humble enough to let her neighbors know that she needed help. She was told to go borrow jars from her neighbors. ( "Humble pie? - One slice, please." )

*Be prepared to pour out even when you want someone to pour into you. This woman could have said no. She only had that little bit. It wasn't enough to pay anything off and it wasn't enough to live off of.

She could have said no. But she chose to pour.

She trusted God, offered up what she had, and didn't put limits on how He was going to use it.

When you feel empty.

When you don't think you have anything of value.

When you don't think you have anything useful.

When you don't feel like you have anything to give.

~~~ Pour it out ~~~


~~~ God can ~~~

God can fill.

God sees your value.

God can use ANYTHING or ANYONE.

God honors obedience and sacrifice and willingness.

Prayers for you as you ask God to use what you have.


Sarah Jane

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