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Life Lessons from Romans 12

My daughter's favorite book of the Bible is Romans. I don't blame her. There is a lot there and so much that you can read and re-read and still gather something new from every time.

A lot of the book of Romans flows from one step to another step almost seamlessly. Other parts are close enough for you to jump on, like stepping stones in a thin river, going from one stone to another without falling in.

I enjoy the truth and life lessons in Romans 12. Straightforward, often scooped up in pieces and cherry-picked for our personal liking - this chapter of Romans should be encapsulated and swallowed whole - not missing a verse or instruction.

What would happen if all of us really tried to live like what the Bible instructs us to?

I know I struggle and sometimes one part of a verse seems much easier than another part. But what if we took ahold of the whole thing, clamped down, and didn't drop one word of it...


  • Don't think of yourself more highly than you ought to think (really - don't - it's ugly)

  • LET LOVE be GENUINE (that means REAL)

  • LOVE ONE ANOTHER with brotherly affection. (It's in the Bible. There are no "if's".)

  • Outdo one another in SHOWING HONOR. (Self-explanatory as well as self-sacrificing.)

  • Rejoice in HOPE and be PATIENT in tribulation (It's okay. God wins. The Bible says so.)

  • Be CONSTANT in PRAYER (definition of "constant" found here)

  • Rejoice WITH THOSE who rejoice

  • Weep WITH THOSE who weep

  • Live in harmony with one another

  • Repay no one evil for evil, but give thought to do what is honorable in the sight of all. (reference)

  • If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all. (This scripture doesn't have anything to do with others. It has to do with you. With me. Individually, this is our job. It isn't easy but it is achievable.)

  • Never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God (read here)

Lately, I have been blessed to visit some beautiful places. I've seen such glorious displays of God's creation right here on earth.

(unedited picture from Victoria, British Columbia)

Where Canadian and American waters meet with the sun nestling between them.

Where the clouds touch the ground in Ketchikan.

Where the beautiful and proud bald eagle outnumbers the residents in a city.

Peaceful places to sit, reflect, rest and simply breathe.

Where you think the sky and sea might kiss.

Where rainbows are a common occurrence but never taken for granted.

Where a bridge let's you cross from one unique scenery to another.

Where you don't have words for how beautiful God's works are.

Truly, there are times it looked and felt like what I only imagine heaven will look and feel like.

Mentally, I escaped; physically, I explored bliss; spiritually, I celebrated God's marvels. It was like heaven.

..... but it's not Heaven yet.

And, until the Lord declares us there, we're here and are given instructions for living this life in a Godly manner.

Honoring Him, His creation - including each person around us, and simply loving while spreading the hope God gives to us: that is our place and our intended purpose.

We are all waiting.

Waiting for the Lord to come back.

Waiting to be taken to join Him.

And waiting for many desires and promises in-between.

But, in the waiting, let us read and reread the Instruction Manual that God left.

Keep with you all that is consistent with God's Word.

Give grace while leaving behind pride.

Live love and give love.

It is within our power.

In His love,

Sarah Jane

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